Here you can find various resources like forms, frequently asked questions for various DNA tests,  glossary, related articles and links for useful websites.

Download Forms

You can download RCMP C-216c, FBI FD-258 and instructions for obtaining an RCMP criminal record check from Canada. You can also download consent forms for DNA testing.

Once you have ordered your DNA test, we will ship your DNA testing kit to the address provided. Sample collection is simple and straightforward. Please indicate in your order if you would like to keep everything anonymous.

Create Your Own Kit

For a DNA test one of the most convenient ways to collect DNA samples is with our DNA kit. However, in some situations you may not be able to receive your DNA kit or you may prefer to create your own sample collection kit.

Understanding Your DNA Test Results

We at Canadian Forensics Inc understand that for many clients, this will be their first experience with any kind of DNA testing. We have compiled this comprehensive guide to assist you in better understanding what your DNA test results are actually pointing out.

Payment Options

We offer our customers a wide array of payment options including credit card, e-transfer and PayPal to pay for their DNA tests. If you experience any problems with payment please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to offer/suggest alternatives.

Useful Websites

On this page, you can find useful websites related to DNA Testing, Fingerprinting and Background Checks. Please note that Canadian Forensics has provided these links for your information only and accepts no responsibility for out dated content or any wrong information on these websites.