Please read our Refund Policy carefully and make sure you understand it before placing an order.
Last revision: September 17 , 2021

CFI Refund Policy:

This refund policy should be read in conjunction with our full Terms and Use.

1.1 Canadian Forensics Inc (CFI) will not accept any DNA Testing Order for Services from the Client until full payment has been received.

1.2 For credit card payments, the credit card charges are absorbed by Canadian Forensics Inc. For all other payment methods, the Client is responsible for any charges incurred in the payment transaction. All funds received by CFI must be the full price quoted in the Price List and net of any charges, before CFI renders any Service.

1.3 The Client has three months to send their DNA samples back from the Order of Service (referred to as the Expiry Period). If the Client fails to send the samples within this timeframe, the account will be closed. 

1.4 If the Service is canceled before the Company issues the Client a Kit, then a full refund will be offered.

1.5 If the Service is canceled after the Company issues the Client a Kit but before the Client sends back the samples, then a postage and administration fee will apply (Appendix 1). This is valid within the Expiry Period only.

1.6 If the Service is canceled once samples are received at the Company then no refund will be due.

1.7 Due to the personalized nature of the Kit, which is customized for each Client, the Service falls outside the Distance Selling Regulations.

1.8 All background check services including fingerprinting are non-refundable i.e. no refund will be offered.


  1. Canceling Order Before Shipment of Samples

Canada – CAD$ 50.00

USA – USD$ 40.00

UK – GBP£ 25.00

Europe – EUR€ 35.00

Other – USD$ 50.00

Applicable within 3 month Expiry Period