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Canada’s Most Trusted DNA Paternity Testing Service in Toronto

Canada’s Most Trusted DNA Paternity Testing Service in Toronto

Home Paternity and Legal Paternity DNA Testing Service

Doubtful about the paternity of your child? Canadian Forensics Inc offers peace of mind (aka private, home paternity or non-legal) and legal paternity DNA testing in Toronto Canada. Our paternity DNA testing is 99.99% accurate and 100 % confidential.

Paternity Testing Canada

Difference between a Home DNA Test and a Legal DNA Test

Home Paternity Testing

A home paternity DNA test is carried out in situations where paternity DNA test results are used for peace of mind (information purposes only). The DNA samples for home paternity DNA test can be collected by the test parties themselves from the comfort of their home using our DNA collection kit. Canadian Forensics Inc can ship the collection kit to different locations discretely to all the test participants for privacy purposes. After collecting the samples, simply return them to Canadian Forensics for analysis. The laboratory procedures and the accuracy of the DNA test results are the same for legal as well as peace of mind DNA tests. Test results are emailed to all the test participants within 7-10 working days.

Legal Paternity Testing

A legal paternity DNA test is no different than a home paternity test as far as the accuracy and DNA testing procedure is concerned. The only difference lies in the sample collection and chain-of-custody procedure.  Legal DNA Paternity Tests require the participant’s samples to be collected at one of our collection facilities or through a mobile collection by one of our forensic DNA professionals. The participant’s identity must be verified with a government issued ID and a photograph is taken. A strict chain of custody for samples is maintained from sampling, packaging and sending them off to the laboratory. Results of a legal test are issued by email and also by hard copy.

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Frequently Asked Question – Paternity DNA Testing

A paternity DNA Test answers the most frequently asked question – who is the father? A child inherits half of his/her genetic make-up from mother and the other half from its father. By comparing the child’s DNA profile with that of the alleged father we can determine whether or not the person is the biological father of the child.

Canadian Forensics Inc offers DNA testing services at a very competitive price. A standard Home Paternity DNA Test costs $249.00 for two tested persons (child and alleged father)

Paternity DNA testing can be performed on individuals at any age. Samples from a newborn can be collected easily on the day of birth.

Simply visit our Apply Online page and use the online order form to order a home paternity test kit. Once we have received the order, we will ship a DNA sample collection at the address provided.

All our DNA are carried out in a human DNA Testing laboratory accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). Our results are 99.9% accurate in cases where the alleged father is not excluded as the biological father of the child and 100% accurate where the alleged father is excluded as the biological father of a child.

It depends on the type of test you have chosen. For a standard paternity test with oral swabs it will take us up to seven to ten working days to provide the DNA test results by email. Processing time for non standard samples such as hair clippings, cigarette butts or chewing gum can take from 10 to 14 working days after we receive the samples in our laboratory.