Authorized DNA Collection Site for CIC

Forensic DNA Testing Services

Forensic DNA Testing Services

Forensic DNA Testing Services

Canadian Forensics Inc is managed by professional Forensic DNA experts. We offer Forensic DNA Testing services for cases where obtaining a DNA sample from test participants is not possible by using the sterile oral swabs we provide in our standard home sample collection kit.

Forensic DNA Testing

Forensic DNA Testing – How it Works?

Case Review – Second Opinion

If clients decide to take full advantage of the expertise, a comprehensive review of the case file is done. We work side by side with our clients to increase …

Serology – DNA analysis (if needed)

Serology and/or DNA analysis is carried out if our experts feel that it is necessary to reach a logical conclusion in the best interest of the clients.

Free Initial Consultation

Call us (1 (416) 269 -1717) to discuss your specific Forensic DNA testing requirements. Our Forensic DNA experts will determine if DNA analysis is suitable for your case.

Questions About Our Forensic DNA Testing Service? Ask Us


Criminal Lawyers: 
Lawyers who specialize in criminal defense use our Forensic DNA testing services for cases involving sexual assaults, child abuse, kidnapping, blackmail, assault, hit and run, breaking and entering, body identification, missing person identification, crime scene forensics, etc.

Family/Estate Lawyers DNA analysis can be used to trace family linkage through numerous generations in order to solve cases such as inheritance disputes.

Immigration Lawyers
DNA testing can be useful for immigration issues such as the genetic identification of family members.

Private Investigators
Private investigators use DNA testing for a wide array of cases such as infidelity issues, sex determination on certain samples, etc.


Canadian Forensics Inc has a reputation of being Canada’s highest rated fingerprinting, background check and DNA testing service provider. With office in Toronto (North York) on, our team of forensic professionals having exemplary  careers, expert knowledge of DNA testing and background screening provide you unparalleled professional services.

CFI is led by an accomplished professional team with diverse backgrounds in forensic science, DNA testing, and corporate security.

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