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Collecting Your DNA Sample

Confidential, 99.99% accurate, fastest and accredited DNA Testing Services in Toronto, ON Canada.

DNA Sample Collection Kits

Upon placing your order with Canadian Forensics Inc, we will ship your DNA testing kit to the address provided along with easy to follow instructions. Sample collection is simple and straightforward.

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    Our DNA Test Kits Package

    • Sterile cotton swabs for up to 3 people.  Make sure not to touch the cotton part of the swab with your fingers.
    • Instructions – how to collect the DNA samples properly using our DNA test kit.
    • Consent form – Please properly fill out, we will not be able to analyse your DNA samples without this consent form.
    • We highly recommend using a courier service so that you can track your kit and DNA samples.

    How To Collect DNA samples?

    Step 1 -Fill out Consent Form

    Complete the consent form for each test participant. We would not be able to process your samples without a completed/signed form for all the test participants

    Step 2 – Fill out Sample Envelopes

    Using the information on the consent form complete front side of the the sample envelopes. Please ensure that information on the envelopes match with completed consent form.

    Step 3 – Collect Samples

    Use two swabs for each test participant. Remove swabs from sterile packaging and rub the inside of both sides of the cheek for at least 10 seconds

    Step 4 – Put Swabs in the respective Envelopes

    Place both swabs inside the sample envelops labeled for the test participant being tested. Do not place the swabs back in the original sterile packaging

    Step 5 – Sample Packaging

    Seal each envelop with tape. Please do not use your saliva to seal the samples. Place the sample envelopes, photo identification and consent form in the return envelope.

    Place all the collected DNA swab samples, along with the completed Client Information Form (Consent Form), in an envelope. Seal the envelope securely, and place it in the mail. We highly recommend using a courier service to keep tract of your samples

    Create your own DNA test kit

    Our kits are promptly dispatched as soon as you confirm your order. It will take around 2-3 working days to reach you. Should you be in hurry and wish to collect samples sooner, then why not create your own sample collection DNA test kit? Learn how to make your own home kit now.

    DNA Test Kits Shipped Nationwide?

    Canadian Forensics Inc is based in  North York (Toronto) and can ship DNA test kit anywhere in Canada. If test participants live in different cities in Canada we will make sure to have DNA test  kits delivered to all the participants.