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Police Record Checks SAME DAY in Toronto (North York)

Canadian Forensics Inc located in North York (Toronto) offers criminal record checks (also referred to as Criminal Background Check Toronto, police checkspolice certificatesCPIC’s, and police clearance) for: Employment, professional licenses, security clearance, controlled goods, immigration applicants and other civil purposes.

Police Check SAME DAY

Canadian Police Information Centre Check (CPIC)

Canadian Forensics Inc has signed an agreement with Cobourg Police Service to conduct name-based criminal record checks of the RCMP’s Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system. This search includes a check of the National Repository of Criminal Records based on the applicant’s name and date of birth.

Get Your Background Check the Same Day!

Canadian Forensics Inc provides criminal background checks in Toronto (North York) on the SAME DAY. You may need a police background check (also referred to as Canadian police certificate, police check, CPIC’s, criminal background check and police clearances) for:

  • Employment
  • Visa / Border Crossing/Foreign Travel / work
  • Professional licences
  • Volunteer work
  • Group of five Sponsorship
  • Immigration
  • Name Change
  • Other civil purposes

What you need:

  • In person visit to our office
  • A signed and completed consent form (provided upon arrival)
  • Two (2) pieces of valid government issued identification. One must be a photo ID.

Why Do Background Checks?

  • Employment – security clearance, controlled goods, pre-employment screening
  • Citizenship, Permanent Resident & Immigration applicants
  • Visa applicants
  • Adoption applicants
  • Security guard license
  • Medical marijuana licensed producer

Criminal record checks can be done using either name and date of birth or by fingerprints. In order to obtain a certified record check, fingerprint submission is required. When a name and date of birth check matches another individual, fingerprints will be required to verify your identity.

What identification you need to bring with you:

Applicants should bring two (2) pieces of valid government issued identification items. One must contain photograph and signature of the applicant. The following types of identification are accepted.

Acceptable Photo IDs (which provides photo, name and date of birth of the applicant)

  • Drivers Licence
  • Government Employment Card
  • Military Employment Card
  • Age of Majority Card
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Indian Status Card
  • International Student Card
  • Passport
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC)
  • Ontario Photo Card
  • BYID Card (LCBO)
  • Canadian National Institute for the Blind Card (CNIB)

Non-Photo Identification (which provides both name and date of birth of the applicant)

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Hunting Licence
  • Fishing Licence
  • Outdoors Card
  • Hospital Card
  • Immigration Papers

Processing time for a criminal record check (CPIC):

Criminal record checks (CPIC) using name and date of birth are processed the SAME DAY. We usually provide the applicants with a Canadian Police Certificate within 2-3 hours. However at times the processing may fluctuate and results may not  be available until next business day.

Fee Schedule and Payment Options:

The processing fee for a SAME DAY Police Clearance Certificate (also referred to as criminal record checks, police checks, police certificates, CRC’s, criminal background checks and police clearances) is: $48.75 + HST. We accept all major credit cards, cash.

Please note that the processing fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please ensure you have read and understand the full terms and conditions outlined on our website.

Why Canadian Forensics Inc?

If you are looking for a Criminal Record Check in Toronto – you’ve come to the right place! Our Criminal Background Check Services are fast, secure and confidential.

Canadian Forensics has signed a memorandum of understanding with Canadian Police Service to provide name and date of birth based police clearance (CPIC) in Canada. We offer this service in Toronto (North York) on the SAME DAY. The applications are processed through the CPIC (Canadian Police Information Center) database and the results can be provided as fast as in 2-3 hours.


1370 Don Mills Rd #210, North York, ON M3B 3N7
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Need a Police Certificate ASAP? We  Can Help

Why Businesses Should Perform Background Checks?

Running a pre-employment background check on a job candidate as a safety net is very common in Canadian employers.

Background checks for employment purposes is very common in Canada. The most important reasons why Canadian employers decide for pre-employment background checks is to flag any previous criminal history of the job applicant. Learning about applicant’s criminal history, the employers can make an informed  final decision. A criminal background check can ensure:
Knowledge of Criminal History
Reduced Liability of negligent hiring
Workplace Safety
Job Competence
A Right Decision

Frequently Asked Questions – Criminal Background Checks

A Canadian criminal background check is also referred to as a police record check, criminal history check, police clearance certificate or simply criminal background check. A criminal background check in Canada is a search of the CPIC (Canadian Police Information Center) database, maintained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), to find out whether a police record is associated with the applicant’s name and date of birth. CPIC checks are the most preferred method of criminal background screening by Canadian employers along with other reasons.

CPIC checks or background checks based on the name and date of birth of the potential employees are the most preferred method of criminal background screening by Canadian employers. You may also need a criminal background check for foreign travel, visa, name change, professional licensing, coaching, volunteering and other civil purposes.

Yes, we are authorized agents of Canadian Police Services and we issue the Police Clearance Certificate on a police-letterhead signed with an embossed seal on it.

Walk-in to our office located at: 1370 Don Mills Rd #210, North York, ON M3B 3N7 with two (2) pieces of government issued identification to obtain a criminal background check the SAME DAY

Canadian Forensics Inc is able to provide you with a Police Clearance Certificate in Toronto – THE SAME DAY. We may receive results back from police service in as little as 2-3 hours. Please note that the turn-around time may fluctuate depending on the number of applications on the police server and time of the day.

Please CLICK HERE to read an article on how CPIC works in Toronto Star.

Bring two (2) pieces of govt issued identification. This is mandatory to comply with RCMP policy for issuing a Police Background Check in Canada. Please see our Criminal Record Check for acceptable forms of identification.

No, if you have a criminal record your criminal record check will come back as “incomplete” and you will lose the fee paid for CPIC name check. You will have to submit your fingerprints to RCMP to obtain a criminal record check with additional applicable fee.

A name and date of birth based police record check does not list any offences. It will indicate only whether a criminal record is associated with the applicant’s name and date of birth. A certified criminal record check through RCMP however may show a summary of offence (s) for which a record suspension (pardon) has not been granted.

No, you are welcome to walk-in to our Toronto office (1370 Don Mills Rd #210, North York, ON M3B 3N7) with two (2) pieces of government issued identification for a police check.

It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete a criminal record check application. Consent form and application must be completed in the presence of Canadian Forensics processing staff at our office located at 1370 Don Mills Rd #210

Please CLICK HERE to read about Vulnerable Sector Screening and who needs it?

A vulnerable sector check is only conducted by the local police service. However Canadian Forensics Inc has been accredited by the RCMP for submitting your Fingerprints electronically to RCMP for vulnerable sector screening.


Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services:

“We recently used Canadian Forensics to do some employee criminal records checks. They were very prompt and even offered to email the results so we didn’t have to wait in the office. Results came via email within a couple hours. This is a much faster process than having to go to a police station. We will definitely be using them again!”

Stefan Gelinas

“These guys were amazing! Friendly, honest AND I got my background check done in 30 minutes! I live in Toronto and getting a background check done there takes weeks. I can’t recommend Canadian Forensics enough!!”

Elizabeth Steenvoorden

“Fantastic service, ready the same day. Excellent prices. Azad is very friendly and polite. Would recommend this place for any background check needs!”

Victoria Cara

“Very cordial staff. Truly appreciate the service, and given the current COVID19 situation the staff took appropriate safety measures. Highly recommend them.”

Stalin George

“Fast, courteous, and discreet. Did my police check for work and I felt very comfortable. They gave me two copies of my police check so I can keep one for myself, and a nice envelope. Would recommend 5/5!”