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Aunt & Uncle DNA Test

Aunt & Uncle DNA Test

Determine the biological relationship of a child with aunt or uncle

Our aunt and uncle DNA test also known as Avuncular DNA test can determine whether an individual is the biological aunt or uncle to a nephew or niece. This test is good in cases where alleged father or alleged mother is not available for testing to determine the likelihood of biological relationship.

Aunt and Uncle DNA Test

Science behind the Aunt and Uncle DNA Test

Each individual has a “genetic blueprint” and like fingerprints, is unique to each individual. The DNA is extracted from the cells and specific regions of the DNA (markers) are amplified by a process known as PCR (polymerase chain reaction). The DNA profile of the aunt or uncle is compared to the DNA profile of the niece or nephew. Statistical analysis is carried out to calculate the “kinship index”.

Sample Collection and ordering the Aunt Uncle DNA test

You can order Aunt and Uncle DNA test ONLINE. For aunt and uncle DNA test, a buccal swab is used to collect the DNA samples of the aunt or uncle and the niece or nephew in question. We make it very simple and easy to collect your DNA samples. We will send you a DNA sample collection kit along with detailed instructions for how to use the kit and collect samples. 

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